Microblade Overview

Eyebrows are such an important part of our faces and expressions. Unfortunately, over time, aging, over plucking or conditions such as alopecia can take their toll. Keeping eyebrows looking their best can be time consuming, frustrating, expensive and may require many products. All of these products can then be wiped away with a single cotton swab, sweaty workout or dip in the pool. Microblading greatly reduces or eliminates this need for constant brow maintenance, simplifies daily beauty routines and restores confidence!

Some of the many benefits of Microbladed eyebrows include:
-Waking up with beautiful brows - no need for pencils, powders or gels
-Semi-permanent results that don't wash away with makeup remover, sweat or swimming
-Fully customizable designs to your face, style, hair color and preferences

What is it:
Microblading is a technique in which fine blades are used to insert pigment into the skin, creating the look of natural brows. These blades come in varying widths which allow individual strands of brow hair to be drawn on manually for a completely customized look Microblading is similar to tattooing but with slightly different instruments. Results are semi-permanent, lasting about 2 years. Ideal candidates include anyone who has eyebrow hair loss due to aging, alopecia or over plucking/waxing. Microblading is also great for anyone with naturally light, graying or sparse brows who wishes to have bolder or more dramatic brows.

Powder Fill
Powder Fill is similar to Microblading in the technique used, however the look created is more dramatic, filled in, and resembles what would be achieved with a brow powder or pencil.

Combo Brows
Combo Brows refer to brows that use both Microblading and Power Fill to achieve a customized with the benefits of both methods.

The Process:
Consultation: Most clients start with a consultation with a Certified Microblade Specialist. This is an opportunity to learn more about the procedure and what to expect. It is also a chance to discuss the look you are hoping for, before and after care and things to consider when scheduling your microblade. It may be helpful to bring pictures and/or any brow products you use to achieve a look that you like. The fee for your consultation will be directly applied to your Microblade.
Microblade: On the day of your appointment, your Microblade Specialist will discuss any changes since your consultation and address any concerns that may have come up. Your brow area will be sanitized and numbing cream will be applied. Your Microblade Specialist will outline a template of your new brows and make some precise measurements of your face. Lines will be drawn to indicate the areas to be filled. You will approve the fill area, or request changes if needed. The Microblade Specialist will then use the blades to draw hairlike shaped lines on the skin. This part of the process typically takes about an hour.

Healing Process:
Your brows will take approximately 14 days to heal and for the pigment to set in. During this process you will see changes in your brows. You will need to apply an ointment several times a day to keep the brows hydrated and stay away anything that could allow bacteria to enter the brows or cause premature fading. A complete list of instructions will be provided. Touch-up: After your brows have healed completely, it is recommended that your return for a touch up. This will help ensure the pigment sets in for the maximum amount of time.

{Visit Microblade FAQs for more info}